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You could always count on Joe rather you needed a smile, a friend, or a shoulder to lean on. He was a very loyal friend. Many moons ago he dated one of my friends when we were in high school. We had been friends for some time, and one day she decided that she didn't like him hanging out with me anymore.... a case of teenage jealousy. I remember when she confronted him about this, right in front of me, and his response to her was that we had been friends before they started dating, and their dating was not going to change that. She was not happy. But she got over it. And I realized at that time just how good of a friend he was. To think, a teenage boy who wouldn't abandon his friends at the prospect of what he could have been doing with a girl: ) Time passed, he moved, changed numbers, and we lost touch. This is one of the rare people from high school that I actually wanted to run into again. I'm sad to know that someone with such a kind heart and generous nature was taken from us at the hands of a monster who has no respect for life, love, or the intangible. Thank God he can be free now..... as we that are left behind are the ones suffering the loss of such a beautiful soul. I pray to God that He help Joe's loved ones, friends and family alike, to find peace in this difficult time. I pray that He will keep His hands on Joe's child and show him the wonderful person his father was through the love and affections held for him throughout our lifetime. I am saddened by the fact that I will never run into Joe again, that we won't ever have play dates for our kids together, or jam to some Hendrix again. I will definitely keep his son, mother and fiance in my prayers.


Christina, thank you for your kind story and words about Joe, It has been a little over a month, reading this has helped to calm my heart. Thank you, Stephanie, Joes mom

Joe will definitely be remembered for his since of humor. Along with his style of braids, he was could put a smile on someone’s face. We remember about two years ago, Joe was so excited about his new job with Kerby. He was so determined in selling those Kerby’s. He came to our house to show us a demonstration. He was so informed about Kerby that he vacuumed our whole living room, our couch and our bed. His was excellent in sales, but Kerby is just so expensive. Joe was a good guy and loved.

It was so sad that the devil inspired someone to do such a ruthless act upon Joe. Joe was a good person trying to make a living and do the best that he could in life. He loved his family and was inseparable with his love, Chris.

“Jesus wept at the tomb of his friend. Let this family, also, Lord, share their grief with you. Release the tension bottling up inside of them, and grant them freedom from pain and new life in healing with each tear they shed. Each teardrop of pain is precious in Your sight, O Lord. Let them offer their tears in honor of Joe and for love of You. Bless all who mourn, that they be comforted. God of power, You watched as Your Son Jesus died on the cross. Be with the family and friends of Joe as they journey on together without him. Comfort them as they mourn, and help them to remember that they are not alone, in each other and in You. Grant them the light of Your love in the darkness of grief.” God, please wrap your arms around the family and friends that they may find comfort and peace. Allow them to continue on worshiping your Grace. Lead them in the right direction that they may glorify you. May God bless Joe and his family. AMEN


Sal, Sandra. Brandon and Tyler Giliberto

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