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Dear Fey Family, There are few things more difficult than dealing with the loss of a loved one. We, along with our staff, are honored and humbled that you have chosen our family to care for your family during this time. It is our hope that we have been able, in some small way, to lighten your burden and give proper reverence to a life lived. Please let us know if we can be of further service. Respectfully, Brian and Bruce Buchanan 4th Generation Owners
I knew Eddie since my Ko-We-Ba Foods days in Indianapolis, 1972. I sold disposable products from Clark Products that Ko-We-Ba Foods bought. Then I went to work for Fort Howard Paper Company calling on Clark Products through my Georgia-Pacific years. All through my career in this business untill my retirement in Feb of 2011, Eddie took me under his wings in this crazy business we were in and always gave a younger man like me, time to learn and reflect on family values. I personally will miss Eddie for sure but I will mostly miss our long talks about the Cup Business and disposables but truely our famlies and how much they meant to him and FISHING ! GOD Bless you for your time on GODS Earth for touching me as a Friend first and Business Friend last. GOD speed old freind ! To Tim, please lets stay in touch, buddy. Bruce & Mary Hoop Co-Worker and Freind Indianapolis, In. (317) 403-5663